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Johannes Vincenet

As a modern of Dufay Vincenet sang with him in the papal choir in 1427. From what could be surmised from different characters and registries, Vincenet was used in Rome and in Naples, maybe as past due as the 1470s. Compositions had been created for both sacred and secular events. Eight works could be directly related to Vincenet. “Lot of money par ta crualte” is situated in twelve different resources. Of the public constructed by Vincenet “Missa sine nomine” is normally important since it is known as to end up being the first mass have scored for three voices. A continuing but changed theme characterizes the mass “Eterne Rex altissime” and “Entrepis suis” adjustments a theme lent from a motet by Touront in each motion. “Entrepis suis” can be an example of an early on parody mass.

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