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Johannes Regis

Registered as providing Cambrai Cathedral, Notre Dame in Antwerp and Soignies, Regis was Dufay’s secretary at Cambrai for at least a decade. In musical importance, Regis was regarded as together with Ockeghem. He utilized both tempus perfectum and tempus imperfectum efficiently in his compositions though he was sometimes criticized because of this practice; nevertheless, even those that criticized him lauded his variety. Characteristically, Regis used the usage of cantus firmi plus some imitation aswell as sequences and dissonances of brief duration in his compositions. He prevented intervals in horizontal harmonies of parallel ideal consonance and third inversion chords had been uncommon. His mass “Dum sacrae mysterium” utilized various texts concurrently in various voices and within an antiphonal way. Textual material originated from the Ordinary from the Mass as well as the Magnificat as the melodic lines had been from “L’homme arme.” In the rating from the mass “Ecce ancilla,” also an antiphonal piece, Regis centered the tenor on “Ecce ancilla domine” as well as the bass on “Ne timeas Maria.” His motets are believed to become more advanced due to his execution of V-I cadences, livelier rhythms and rating for five voices.

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