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Johannes Matthias Sperger

Sperger was an highly lauded two times bass player who was simply an experienced composer aswell. He offered at a variety of courts during his profession including Pressburg, 1777-1783, Erdody, 1783-1786, perhaps Esterhazy, and Mecklenburg, 1789-1812. He journeyed significantly between 1786 and 1789 producing performances in Prague, Berlin, Ludwigslust, Ansbach, Passau, Parma, Trieste and Bologna. His “Catalog uber verschuckte Musicalien” acts as a significant biographical supply on Sperger’s lifestyle and it includes detailed information coping with his compositions. Sperger constructed forty-five symphonies, eighteen dual concertos and many chamber functions. The compositions demonstrate his skill at instrumentation and usage of an obbligato bass.

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