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This composer and organist’s name isn’t pronounced just like the Popeye character or the utility vehicle named from it, but as yap, rhyming with “tape.” Johannes Jeep received the training that was learning to be a feature of Lutheran Germany and went to the Latin-Schools at Gottingen and Celle. He was a notably great boy vocalist in the Celle Hofkapelle, whose “elegant treble tone of voice” was observed by a modern. He most likely received some schooling from Jacob Syring and Johannes Nesenus. His dad passed away around 1600 and in those days, he left to review in Nuremberg and Altdorf where he arrived to connection with Hans Leo Hassler, Valentin Haussmann, and J.A. Herbst. He journeyed widely starting around 1610, going to France with least north Italy. (He’s known to have been around in Venice.) He obtained a permanent placement in 1613, being successful Erasmus Widmann as concert get better at and organist on the courtroom of Count number Hohenlohe in Weikersheim. He also appears to have proved helpful as some kind of agent for the Count number, for he had written to be entrusted “with issues of great secrecy, diplomatic missions, and various other affairs.” The 30 Years’ War triggered financial belt-tightening that needed the Count number to disband his Kapelle, but he do make Jeep his key steward. This gave him time for you to compose for and compile the Hohenlohe Hymnbook (released 1629). In 1635, he got a part-time musical placement as deputy towards the organist from the Cathedral off Grankfurt am Primary, who was simply his outdated friend (and perhaps in-law) J.A. Herbst. He dropped his position using the Hohenlohes in 1637 through misfortunes of battle: Weiksersheim was used by the German Experts from the Teutonic Purchase, with whom he disagreed on doctrine, therefore he requested and obtained the positioning of civil concert get better at of Frankfurt. Nevertheless, the battle made circumstances there challenging and, furthermore, he is at poor health, stopping him from satisfactorily executing for the reason that post, and he was dismissed. He discovered a modest work in the institutions in Hanau in 1640 and in January 1642 became movie director from the chapel of Count number Ernst of Hanau-Munzenberg and organist on the St. Marien chapel there. When he passed away in Hanau 2 yrs later on, he received dual funeral orations, one in the palace’s Lutheran chapel and the additional by the courtroom preacher, a Reformed Chapel minister. He’s specifically known for his a lot more than 100 hymn and psalm configurations done mainly in four-part tranquility. Furthermore, he published an enduring group of college student songs, bits of well-known music that are completely homophonic and strophic. While they are types of music that aren’t as sophisticated as additional music written at that time, he demonstrated in his Hymnus-hymnaeus (1640), that are modeled after Italian madrigals, that he was current with the most recent musical advancements and with the capacity of more complex varieties of music.

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