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Johannes de Porta

Johannes de Porta is connected with 1 function in the Chantilly Codex, the four-voice Isorhythmic motet “Alma polis religio/Axe poli cum artica.” That is among the last motets within the Chantilly Codex possesses the titles of many poets and composers presumably owned by the Augustan purchase; de Porta recognizes himself as “the composer.” The written text is a hard someone to interpret, and occasionally this piece continues to be certified to “Egidius de Aurolia” (Gilles of Orleans) as the written text says that “from him, all melody moves.” Just who’s precisely meant of the numerous Aegidiuses or Egidiuses known from fourteenth hundred years France is usually unclear, so that as the normally unfamiliar de Porta seems to have authorized the task internally, there continues to be little question that, whoever he was, he was the real author of “Alma polis religio/Axe poli cum artica.” For any work composed in the beginning of the fifteenth hundred years, it demonstrates unusual skill and it is before its time.

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