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Johann Theile

Originally Theile was students of Scheffler, the Kantor of Magdeburg. He went to the school of Leipzig where he joined up with the school collegium musicum. While at Leipzig Theile could research with Schutz. After shifting to Lubeck he was befriended by Reincken and Buxtehude. In 1673 a scheduled appointment emerged through for the positioning of Kapellmeister at Gottorf. There Theile offered Duke Christian Albrecht for quite some time including his air travel to Hamburg. Theile helped to inaugurate the opera home in Gottorf. Third , he found serve as Kapellmeister at Wolfenbuttel from 1685 until 1691. Afterwards he offered Duke Christian I of Merseburg but after 1694 Theile’s whereabouts is normally unclear. He do proceed to Naumburg in 1718 to live along with his kid. The initial publication by Theile was “Weltliche Arien” in 1667 which includes 24 secular music, duets, a quartet and instrumental fantasias. He constructed his “St. Matthew Enthusiasm” in 1674. The main music made up by Theile was the concerted sacred music. Thirty four of the are extant. “Andachtige Kirchen Music” was the last collection obtained by Theile. He also had written six treatises regarding counterpoint the main which was “Musikalisches Kunst-Buch” since it may experienced an impact on Bach’s composing of “Die Kunst der Fuge.” Section of Theile’s legacy are early types of full-scale vocal fugues with two topics. He had not been content with simple imitation but he characteristically used simple progressions, regular key adjustments, and variations when working with repeated materials. Theile’s motets display qualitative placements of apexes in the musical ratings and contrasts of textures.

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