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Johann Schrammel

Possibly the most lasting impact that this fairly short-lived Johann Schrammel had upon the musical world was through his participation in the Schrammel Trio, a romantic performance ensemble that he helped within 1878. Originally made up of two violinists and a bass guitarist — performed by him, his sibling Joseph, and Anton Strohmayer — the group later on became a quartet in 1886 using the inclusion of the clarinetist, who was simply after that changed by an accordion participant. This last group development became very popular and continues to be imitated since. By enough time the ensemble was producing worldwide looks, Schrammel was a skilled musician. He previously analyzed with Ernst Melzer when only a young man, proceeded to teach under Heissler and Hellmesberger in the Vienna Conservatory, after that performed in the Harmonie and Josephstadt theatre orchestras and in K. Margold’s salon orchestra soon thereafter. Schrammel’s just composition that’s still documented on major brands is usually Wien bleibt Wien (1884); it could be found beneath the Deutsche Grammophon, Nimbus, and Koch Schwann brands.

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