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Johann Rudolf Ahle

Johann Rudolf Ahle’s main contribution to Baroque music was his sacred vocal music. Ahle actually went as far as to create an instruction publication used to instruct children how exactly to sing; he desired most to revitalize sacred music. Although his musical teaching isn’t known he was an extremely achieved organist and experienced a direct impact on J.S. Bach and Protestant music throughout central Germany; just stated he could fulfill his want by teaching kids how exactly to sing and by composing straightforward melodic lines for the normal person. With this he was most likely affected by both Hammerschmidt and Michael Altenburg. His vocal concertos had been marked with a essential ability from the performer and a sensational quality unusually conveyed through several “voices”. “Misericordias Domini: Ich will singen von der Genade des Herren ewiglich” is definitely such a concerto though Ahle’s technique led to a structure that was apparently scored for a lot of voices. Chorales and chorale-like melodies had been a continuing in a lot of Ahle’s music. His function is still used having been preserved through The Muhlhausen hymnbook. A few of these tunes are still found in Protestant solutions (e.g. “Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier” “Est ist genug,” and “Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit”).

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