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Johann Michael Bach

Johann Michael Bach was the sibling of Johann Christoph Bach and, more notably, the daddy of Maria Barbara, the initial wife of her distant cousin Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Michael was informed initial by his dad, Heinrich Bach, and with the cantor of Arnstadt, Jonas de Fletin, who appears to have groomed in the youngster a strong fascination with vocal music. In 1665 Johann Michael got over from his sibling as organist on the Arnstadt castle chapel, and in 1673 he became the city organist in Gehren, where he also constructed organs and offered for some time as city clerk. He was reported to be noiseless and reserved (unlike the perpetually piqued J.S. Bach), and was seen as a very skilled composer at that time. Although they aren’t well known towards the modern open public, Johann Michael’s functions have got survived in a fairly large quantity to get a “minimal” Bach. Among his most powerful compositions are his chorale motets, and he continues to be generally praised for the organic design of his musical declamations of Biblical text messages. His motets have a tendency to end up being homophonic and old-fashioned, though well crafted, and his even more ambitious functions are strongly inspired with the music of Heinrich Schütz. His intensive series of body organ chorales are beholden towards the design of Pachelbel, concise and contrapuntal, frequently in four parts; these parts in particular are believed to have inspired the youthful J.S. Bach.

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