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Johann Joseph Abert

Johann Joseph Abert was a twice bassist, conductor, and composer whose whole musical profession was centered in Stuttgart, Germany. Educated on the Prague Conservatory under Peter Josef von Lindpainter, Abert became a member of the courtroom orchestra in Stuttgart in 1853 being a dual bassist, upgrading to the positioning of conductor in 1867, where he continued to be until 1888. His kid, Hermann Abert, became a renowned musicologist, as do his granddaughter, Anna Amalie Abert. Abert was a well-respected composer in his time who worked within an arch-Romantic design produced from the exemplory case of Felix Mendelssohn that by enough time of his opera Ekkehard (1878) acquired adopted some components of Wagnerian design aswell. He constructed five operas, which Astorga (1866) was typically the most popular. Abert also constructed six numbered symphonies furthermore to his “musical ocean picture by means of a symphony,” Columbus, Op. 31. This last mentioned work, furthermore to his virtuoso parts for dual bass (including a concerto), take into account Abert’s tenuous store posterity. After his loss of life at age group 82 in 1915, his kid released a biography of Abert that included a thematic catalog. Younger Abert also donated his father’s music manuscripts towards the W├╝rttemburgische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart, where they continue steadily to reside, and there is certainly a good Johann Joseph Abert Culture in Germany.

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