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Johann Gottfried Walther

Linked to J.S. Bach, his nearly exact modern, on his mother’s aspect, Johann Gottfried Walther was a significant German organist and composer. His initial body organ lessons had been in Erfurt with Johann Bernhard Bach, and he quickly became an capable child vocalist. When he was 18 he arrived his first body organ post, at Erfurt’s Thomaskirche. After a flirtation with idea and rules at the neighborhood university, Walther converted all his focus on music, becoming specifically thinking about music theory. He started touring Germany frequently, and in his moves he met the key theorist Andreas Werckmeister, getting one of is own protégés, if generally by long length. In 1707 he attained his first in support of “genuine” adult work, organist at Weimar’s Stadkirche; there he continued to be for the others of his lifestyle, another four years. He also offered as music instructor to Prince Johann Ernst in Weimar, to whom he’d dedicate his 1708 treatise, Praecepta der musicalischen Structure. In 1721, he added the work of going the ducal orchestra. J.S. Bach found the ducal courtroom in 1708, as well as the cousins struck up a detailed companionship, which benefited Walther artistically just as much as, though not a lot more than, his romantic relationship with Werckmeister experienced. Walther was an omnivorous collector of info on music and theory, which resulted in the publication in 1732 of his Musicalisches Lexicon, Germany’s 1st main music dictionary, incorporating entries on both biography and terminology. His profession stalled out, though, and Walther by no means increased through the Weimar musical program, very much to his bitter regret. The Lexicon is usually Walther’s best legacy, but he also remaining a good body of compositions, mainly body organ pieces (only 1 vocal workout of almost 100 offers survived). A lot of the body organ functions are chorale-based: specific chorales, chorale partitas, and chorale fugues, many of them similar in quality and brilliance of key pad strategy to Bach. Early in his profession, Walther also created the Praecepta der musicalischen Structure, a good music-theory compendium cribbed from seventeenth hundred years treatises; the next part is a very important study of German Baroque structure procedures.

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