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Johann Georg Ruffo

Ruffo was been trained in Verona on the Cathedral probably by its organist and get good at Biagio Rossetti. He offered Alfonso d’Alvalos in Milan and returned to Verona between 1547 and 1563. By 1551 he previously acceded to the positioning of choirmaster at Verona Cathedral where he previously studied. His learners included Asola and perhaps Ingegneri who trained Monteverdi as well as Gabrieli. Between 1563 and 1572 Ruffo was once again in Milan as the choirmaster. As his lifestyle continued the content which Ruffo preserved reduced in responsibility and position. During his compositional actions he scored many secular madrigals and sacred motets. Ruffo was also component of a competition kept around 1565 searching for the most obviously written sacred structure; the text needed to be lucid. This competition was sponsored by Cardinal Borromeo who affected a lot of Ruffo’s music. From 1570 on Ruffo’s people had been composed in that manner concerning render the textual data over the music. Between 1540 and 1580 Ruffo was probably one of the most prolific composers and characteristically his madrigals had been harmonically traditional, rhythmically open up, and filled up with rating complications. His sacred motets and people demonstrate a advancement of these years with six parts with cantus firmus in the motets and imitation within the people based on additional composer’s motets. Ruffo’s experimental functions had been mainly homophonic after 1570 in his try to clarify the written text pursuant to Cardinal Borromeo’s requirements.

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