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Johann Christoph Kellner

Having examined music along with his pops, Johann Peter Kellner, and Benda, Johann Christoph Kellner became the organist for the Lutheran church at Kassel after residing in Amsterdam with the Hague. His Singspiel, “Die Schadenfreude,” was an exclusion to the main genre of his music, key pad functions in the galant design. Kellner’s music shown homophonic composing with well-harmonized parts and solid, lyric melodies. His fugal efforts had been dominated by key-centered contrasts and well-established types of sonata and tocatta executions. Concertos for the key pad were written inside a playful way and display the impact of C.P.E. Bach within their use of severe climactic results and theatre. Kellner could combine his treatment of the galant design with well-wrought counterpoint specifically in his body organ trios and fantasies. He understood the prevailing conventions of that time period as was indicated by his treatise “Grundriss des Generalbasses.”

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