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Johann Christian Kittel

The fantastic influence of Kittel is usually to be found in the task of his students. He effectively included the chorale with the brand new “psychological (or sense) design” lately eighteenth hundred years Germany and taken out the chorale through the tight cantus firmus type. His learners included M.G. Fischer, K.G. Umbreit, J.W. Hassler (Kittels’ nephew) and J.C.H. Rinck. They continued his function. Kittel himself was an organist and instructor. He researched for a short while with J.S. Bach (1748-1750) and was his teacher’s preferred pupil in Bach’s old age. Operating to Langensalza being a instructor and organist in 1751 he became the organist for the Barfusserkirche in Erfurt (1756) as well as the Preigerkirche in Erfurt, (1762). Kittel was an body organ virtuoso numerous well-known admirers including Goethe, Herder and Wieland. His pedagogical design could be ascertained from his treatise “Der angehende parktische Organist” which devoted to chorale accompaniment in the custom of Bach. Brief pieces had been Kittel’s forte although his much longer works for body organ demonstrated keen understanding into chorale variants and counterpoint. Kittel’s “Grosse Praludien” included countrapuntal features of Bach aswell as contemporization through the galant and symphonic manners of developing Classicism.

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