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Joey Agresta

The Burlington, Vermont music scene is no stranger to eccentric characters, particularly in the realm of lo-fi indie rock. Perhaps one of the most exclusive people to emerge out of this scene through the 2010s was Joey Agresta, better recognized to close friends and fellow music artists as Joey Pizza Cut. On his preliminary recordings, released beneath the name Boy of Salami, Agresta built tunes on the beat-up outdated tape deck using the eraser mind removed, in order that he could add many levels and parts towards the documenting at the trouble of not having the ability to hear what he was documenting over, rather than having the ability to switch anything once it had been recorded. His brief, quirky, fractured tunes were usually performed on inexpensive keyboards and included subject material such as smoking as well as the glory of rock and roll & roll, furthermore to heavier topics such as for example loneliness as well as the overwhelmingness of existence. Child of Salami’s debut recording, A REPORT in Eraser Headless Tape Saving, premiered by Feeding Pipe Information in 2011, and garnered evaluations to lo-fi outsider performers like Gary Wilson and Daniel Johnston. He toured throughout America, demonstrating his technique before viewers and creating tunes on the travel. Deli Times was released on cassette by Night time People in 2012, accompanied by 2013’s Sontava Evenings on Goaty Tapes. Both these albums were released as an LP by Nourishing Pipe in 2014, acknowledged to Salami Junior. In 2015, OSR Tapes released OSR #33, that was acknowledged to JPS and was made up using even more traditional four-track documenting strategies. Also that 12 months, Wharf Kitty released a break up 7″ by Joey Pizza Cut and Parquet Courts, with both performers covering each other’s tunes. Salami Junior’s Bacon Road cassette made an appearance on Post-Materialization Music in 2016. The next year, Feeding Pipe released the 7″ EP A GUY Who Can’t Write a Track, acknowledged to Salami J.R. Also that 12 months, Wharf Kitty released Let’s Not really DISCUSS Music, Agresta’s most personal group of tunes yet, as well as the first acknowledged to his very own name.

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