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Joel E Gaúcho

Joel e Gaúcho may be the name from the vocal duo shaped in Rio de Janeiro in 1930 by singer Joel de Almeida (given birth to in Rio de Janeiro, 1913/died in São Paulo, 1993) and violonista (classical guitar participant) and singer Gaúcho (Francisco de Paula Brandão Rangel, given birth to in Cruz Alta, 1911/died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1971). Joel de Almeida proved helpful at Fred Figner’s Casa Edison, the initial recording firm in Brazil. Shortly he was uncovered being a composer and vocalist, and, with Breno Bonifácio, composed and documented two sambas, “European union quero é viver” and “Meu prazer.” Arriving in Rio, Gaúcho became familiar with de Almeida. Renato Murce had taken them for his present, Horas de outro mundo, at Rádio Philips. Employed by the air station, they began to perform frequently in the Programa Casé. In 1932, Cesar Ladeira employed them for Rádio Mayrink Veiga. Their 1st strike arrived in 1935, with “Estão batendo” (Gadé and Valfrido Silva). In 1936, they released “Pierrô apaixonado” (Heitor dos Prazeres/Noel Rosa). The march was a big strike in the Carnival of this yr, and the 1st in some Carnival successes, like “Cai cai” (by Roberto Roberti in 1940), “Aurora” (Mário Lago/Roberto Roberti, 1941), while others. In the same yr, the duo participated in the film Alô, alô Carnaval and began to perform in advanced places just like the Hotal Copacabana Palace, the Cassino da Urca, and Cassino Atlântico. In 1942, that they had popular with “A mulher perform padeiro” (J. Piedade/Germano Augusto/Nicola Bruni), and, in 1943, the march “O danúbio…azulou” (Nássara/Frazão). In 1947, that they had another strike with “Boogie-woogie perform rato” (Denis Bream). For the reason that yr, the duo toured Argentina. In Buenos Aires, the duo dissolved, with de Almeida remaining there like a vocalist and Gaúcho time for Brazil. In 1952, de Almeida came back to Brazil and teamed once again with Gaúcho, but also for short amount of time. After some shows, Gaúcho visited reside in Itacuruçá, RJ. In 1962, the duo arrived together once again, for the documenting from the LP Joel e Gaúcho, offering their old strikes.

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