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Joe Barnes

A shadowy figure from your world of Southern rock and roll, Joe Barnes may be the name of a guy who was area of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd street crew and finally became the group’s stage supervisor. The name Joe Barnes also turns up acknowledged as “arranger” on the 1978 recording by Ocean Level, an Atlanta music group from the Southern rock and roll momentum in Georgia and Alabama, slowing only for law enforcement cruisers that could be hidden from the edges of bridges. This essential tactic will probably be worth noting due to the fact the personal background of at least one music group from this picture is usually marred by corrupt occurrences including roadies procuring smooth medicines for bandmembers and having to consider the legal warmth instead of these maestros. That leads to the unavoidable query: Joe Barnes was an “arranger”? Of what? Users of Ocean Level such as for example bassist Chuck Leavell and percussionist Jai Johanny Johanson, also from the Allman Brothers, possess apparently had small to say about Barnes in interviews, at least with regards to mentioning any kind of contribution designed to the ocean Level musical gestalt by outdoors arrangers. Certainly, whatever type of preparations Barnes made had been more linked to administration details, and ideally with a far more content result than his romantic relationship with Lynyrd Skynyrd. The final outcome of Barnes’ years traveling using the “Freebird” mob are referred to with great eloquence within this excerpt from Lynyrd Skynrd: Keeping in mind the Free Wild birds of Southern Rock and roll by Gene Odom with Frank Dorman: “Ronnie Truck Zant pounced on Joe Barnes, the band’s extremely valued stage supervisor, during a trip to Houston. The just explanation because of this unprovoked strike — he’d under no circumstances got violent with him during Joe’s four years using the music group — was the actual fact that Ronnie was drunk once more. Ronnie . . .punched Joe in the facial skin and then kept him straight down and bit his belly until somebody taken him off. When the airplane landed, Joe still left and never came back.” This unlucky fellow shouldn’t be baffled with percussionist Joe Barnes, structured out of NEW YORK through the ’90s onward, or a hands drum teacher and a Latin jazz participant. Roadie/arranger Barnes from the bitten tummy also offers no reference to the mature Joe Barnes, a fantastic Western golf swing and nation string participant through the ’30s an ’40s who utilized the stage name Crimson Brown.

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