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Jobst Brandt

A German composer whose fellow learners included Georg Foster and Caspar Othmayr. (They discovered beneath the tutelage of Lorenz Lemlin.) Foster was to compliment the task of Brandt later on within their lives and went as far as to dedicate the 3rd level of his personal collection to Brandt. Brandt’s existence in composition could be split into two stages: secular and sacred. Early in his profession he published mainly secular music. The next corpus had been sacred pieces that have been only released after he passed away. His “Geistliche Psalmen” had been probably made up after his confession of trust in the Lutheran custom (1545?) a few of which are dropped. The amount of parts in the many Psalms range between four to nine. The final in the collection is definitely obtained for nine parts and created for choirs performing in different elements of a building.

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