The Swedish duo of Elin Kastlander and Joakim Benon, jj emerged on Gothenburg’s Sincerely Yours Records in ’09 2009, with an especially gratifying undertake the musical preoccupations common to a lot of the label’s roster. Their neo-Balearic indie pop filter systems Air flow France’s tropical haze, the Difficult Alliance’s penchant for slyly irreverent appropriation, as well as the Honeydrips’ delicate twee pop melodicism right into a beguilingly lush, softly electronic style similar to primary Saint Etienne having a smoother, beachier sheen. In addition they had a solid hip-hop influence running right through their audio, as evidenced by their using components of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” on the track “Ecstasy,” aswell as their addresses of tunes by T.We., Dr. Dre, as well as others (especially on the 2010 Kills mixtape.) jj also in the beginning distributed their labelmates’ propensity for secret, favoring an artfully enigmatic demonstration that engendered near-complete Internet silence regarding the group’s identification and back-story, however the woman vocalist (who was simply initially identified just as “Elin”) offered a distinguishing sonic hallmark by means of her warm, lusciously easy alto. Their 1st pair of produces, the sequentially entitled 7″ jj Nº 1 and debut recording jj Nº 2, made an appearance in springtime 2009. After a proceed to Secretly Canadian stateside, jj’s third record, jj Nº 3, premiered in March 2010. Collaborations with rappers Ne-Yo and Don Trip surfaced in 2011, alongside a remix with fellow Swede Yves Saint Lorentz of Rebecca & Fiona’s one “Bullets.” The group’s 4th official discharge, a two-song one entitled jj Nº 4, surfaced in 2012, as do the High Summertime EP. As the duo continued to be reasonably quiet for some of 2013, using their only to push out a cooperation with Adrian Lux in the tune “Wild Kid,” they came back in August of 2014 with V, their third & most direct-sounding record to date.

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