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Jirí Druzecky

Jirí Druzecky was a substantial and well-known composer and performer who, specifically, composed in pioneering methods for blowing wind and percussion devices. Born simply outside Kladno, close to the small Bohemian town of Jemniky, Druzecky would ultimately rub shoulder blades with Europe’s finest & most important composers. He will need to have demonstrated prodigious skill at a age; it could seem he previously already attended Dresden around age 14 to review with renowned oboe participant and instructor Antonio Besozzi (1714-1781). Druzecky required a common way to escape from your poverty-stricken life common of Bohemian villages at that time by becoming a member of the Habsburg military. He became a regimental musician, though it could seem that government bodies quickly became alert to his greater capacity. Druzecky’s ambitions had been certainly well above being truly a simple regimental musician. Composing from Vienna in 1773 he up to date his patron that he hoped to wait operas and concerts aiming: “to enrich myself with brand-new and international musical tips.” He afterwards joined the program of Count number Anton Grassalkovics at Bratislava (Pressburg) around the entire year 1786; when Grassalkovics passed away in 1794 Druzecky discovered work under Cardinal Battyány of Budapest at his nation property in Reichnitz. By 1802 he was music movie director and composer for the blowing wind octet of Archduke Joseph Anton Johann in Budapest. It had been likely of these years in Budapest that Druzecky arrived in touch with Haydn, whose Die Shöpfung (Creation) he organized for winds in 1801. Following the loss of life of Prince Nikolaus Esterházy on Sept 28, 1790, his heir, Prince Paul Anton, dissolved the orchestra within two times, but the blowing wind band was instantly reinstated on Haydn’s treatment. Among his many musical accomplishments he organized for eight or nine blowing wind instruments’ large parts of well-known works of your day, such as for example Haydn’s Creation and Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. A lot more amazing is his set up of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in C small, Op. 13, “Pathetique,” for nine blowing wind devices. In the military he not merely made up but also performed around the oboe, clarinet, and timpani. He made up several uncommon concertos, including many rather amazing ones including prominent and even solo parts for timpani, which should be among the initial concertos of this type. His design owes very much to Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven; but a distinctly Bohemian way and humor aren’t far under the surface.

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