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Jimmy Cole Unlimited

One album premiered under the music group name of Jimmy Cole Unlimited by Condor, a completely bizarre indie label based out of Burnaby, Uk Columbia in the ’60s. The label’s niche was recordings by false groupings, a list which includes the Crazy People as well as the Blues Teach, aswell as the Jimmy Cole Unlimited, a music group that actually was relatively limited by the actual fact it, like all Condor rings, did not actually can be found. The label’s catalog symbolized some sort of exploitation to the fact that rock and roll rings were a industrial concept which can evidently sell albums also if there is no group; actually, considering the method some rings behaved, it could even be less complicated that method. Actual specific performers are often uncredited on these information, but there is certainly speculation the fact that strangely diverse noises included were prepared up with a Vancouver tv weatherman that has continued to be unidentified, and a fellow called Johnny Kitchen. Kitchen was an obscure ’60s and ’70s documenting musician who spent amount of time in Vancouver at that time Condor was energetic before finally at risk of LA in 1969 and a brief career making information that he was in fact credited. Kitchen appears to have been involved with at least twelve kooky underground edges on various personal American brands about which following to there is nothing known. His existence is the just point these productions have as a common factor. No design was out of grab Kitchen, and you will find portions from the Jimmy Cole Unlimited’s Hold on Sloopy which supply the impression of experiencing been documented by very different pieces of musicians. Probably Johnny Kitchen, whoever he is really, named himself following the appearance “everything however the drain” — it sure appears like it.

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