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Jim Robinson

Among the oldest jokes about Nashville is that to discover a country & american songwriter, all you have to accomplish is shout “Waiter!” If the globe was a discography, all you might want to do to discover a musician is normally shout “Jim Robinson!” At least, that is the way it appears sometime. A Nashville songwriter called Jim Robinson could come up with an entire studio room band composed of players using the same name as him, if such a task appealed to him. He continues to be confused with the brand new Orleans jazz trombonist, who could certainly add spice for some from the watery albums that music co-written by Nashville’s Jim Robinson possess appeared on. Furthermore for blues pianist Adam “The Bat” Robinson, although either man’s pores and skin might have avoided them from employed in Nashville studios. The initiatives of songwriter Robinson, generally together with co-writers, is normally a existence on country produces in the ’90s onward. Co-writers will always be an integral part of the songwriting artwork, but appear to be especially crucial in the present day day nation music mecca, where in fact the expression “everyone includes a co-writer” was coined. One of these will be an over weight documenting engineer who started co-writing along with his fat therapist. Vocalist Chalee Tennison is normally one of the recording artists who’ve co-written with Robinson, the outcomes appearing over the albums Chalee Tennison which Woman’s Heart. Over the last mentioned record the Tennison/Robinson group cranked out the name tune, among Robinson’s concentrate on expressions that are normal enough to become peeled off underneath of a footwear. “SOMEBODY ELSE’S Use Cry” was a different one of his collaborations with Tennison, as the Byrd/Robinson group attended up with the rich-loaded “A LOT OF MONEY,” the rowdy “Kickin’ It Up,” the arrogant “What I REALLY DO the very best,” the insincere “Mending Fences,” not forgetting the “THE NIGHT TIME Is Youthful and You’re Therefore Gorgeous”; collectively representing more than enough clichés to warrant another dictionary entrance under that phrase. They also composed a clumsy melody called “I CANNOT Dance,” no regards to the amusing Tom T. Hall variety of the same name. It had taken the additional brain involved with theByrd/Meissner/Robinson group to remind listeners that “A small amount of Love Is an unhealthy Thing.” However they “Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Us” with regards to the songwriting group of Mobley/Robinson, who developed “Me As well,” a name that is utilized by some 18 different songwriters. “On the other hand, Back on the Ranch” can be an providing in the Traditional western swing mode with the Buchanan/Robinson group, recorded by Tx legends Asleep on the Wheel.

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