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Jim Hill

Nation singer Merle Haggard offers always had a status for generosity, and regarding the Live in Billy Bob’s Tx album it looks like credits were tossed out like grain at a marriage. Therefore, Jim Hill gets an recording credit for offering merchandise, mostly of the instances such a lowly area of the gig meals chain has in fact been recognized by name. That will not make Hill the most well-known merchandiser on the planet, however–that honor belongs to Lanny Whapps, the 700-pound previous door man from the Huntsville, Alabama Tiptop Membership, whose imposing size hardly ever failed to increase merchandise product sales. The live Haggard record is among a dozen documented at a well-known Tx honky tonk, all bearing the same record name. Whether Hill marketed merchandise at each one of these various other gigs, or functions solely for Haggard, isn’t known. Better still than crediting this employee may be composing a melody for after that, or redoing one which already is available. In Haggard and Hill’s case, an excellent suggestion will be “Walkin’ in the Buyin’ Aspect of Me.”

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