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Jim Dickson

A jazz buff and recording engineer, Jim Dickson is at the proper place at the proper time through the early ’60s folk-rock boom of L.A. A part-time engineer at World-Pacific studios, by enough time Dickson fulfilled the fledging Byrds he previously already documented hip comedian Lord Buckley in addition to started his very own publishing business by releasing Dino Valenti’s “GATHER” into strike status. Access World-Pacific during the night, Dickson started documenting the folkies who performed on the Troubador, people such as for example David Crosby, Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn. Following the three performers assembled a support music group (Chris Hillman on bass and Michael Clark on drums) Dickson became their supervisor and, through his present business friends such as for example Jack port Nicholson and Albert Grossman, developed a grass root base following across the music group that could appeal to radio and record sector heavies. Acting because the Byrds manufacturer for both Fifth Sizing as well as the 1970 untitled discharge, Dickson remained devoted to the users of the group once the Byrds splintered, generating albums for the Soaring Burrito Brothers in addition to both Gene Clark and Gram Parsons. The L.A. maker surfaced once again in the first ’80s playing bass and performing for the London-based music group the Barracudas.

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