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Jehan Chardavoine

Frenchman Jehan Chardavoine was an attorney, music editor, and composer who also lived in Paris in the sixteenth hundred years. The large assortment of chansons he released in 1575, having been granted royal privilege to take action in 1573, comprises of basic monophonic songs known as voix de ville — or voices of the town — source of the term vaudeville. In his personal words, they may be “common tunes that could be sung or performed anywhere.” His purpose in submitting the collection appears to have been partially ethnographic, like Bartók’s collecting of Hungarian folk tracks in the countryside, and partially careerist for the reason that he wanted to get in touch with a open public presumably disregarded by a lot of the musical establishment, except being a way to obtain melody to pillage. It included 186 configurations of strophic poems, some had been merely gathered and edited by Chardavoine yet others had been his very own adaptations of previously polyphonic settings from the same poem by composers such as for example Arcadelt, Certon, and Pierre Cléreau. Generally, he transformed the foundation music far plenty of that he produced a totally fresh piece.

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