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Jeannie Seely

Jeannie Seely was known primarily like a duet partner, but she managed several country strikes of her own through the past due ’60s and early ’70s. A indigenous of Titusville, Pa, Seely was created in 1940 and 1st performed on the air at age group 11. She sang at regional dances and skill shows as a teenager and relocated to LA in 1961, where she worked well like a secretary for an archive organization and honed her songwriting for the time being. A cope with Problem Records proceeded to go nowhere, however when Dottie Western recorded among her tunes in 1965, she heeded the guidance of songwriter Hank Cochran and relocated to Nashville. Nearly immediately, she captured a large break when she was employed to displace Norma Jean as Porter Wagoner’s tv and touring duet partner. She got a solo cope with Monument in 1966 and obtained a significant smash with “Don’t Contact Me,” lots two strike penned by Cochran, who later on became her spouse. The track also received Seely a Grammy for Greatest Female Nation Vocal. She remaining Wagoner’s display (to become changed by Dolly Parton) and later on captured on in an identical touring/TV capability with Ernest Tubb, and in addition became the very first female to put on a miniskirt on-stage in the Grand Ole Opry. Seely experienced several Best 20 hits through the past due ’60s, including “It’s Just Like,” “A Wanderin’ Guy,” and “I’ll Like You Even more (Than YOU WILL NEED).” In 1969, she discovered her most commercially effective duet partner in Jack port Greene; both cut popular album jointly, and their solo “Wish I Didn’t Need to Miss You” was lots two smash in 1970. Seely continuing to record with the ’70s, reducing materials for Decca, MCA, and Columbia furthermore to Monument, and arrived her biggest single hit from the 10 years with 1973’s TOP “MAY I Sleep inside your Hands,” which she modified from a vintage hobo melody. She also composed songs for various other artists, especially “Leavin’ and Sayin’ Goodbye,” lots one smash for Faron Youthful in 1972. Seely retrieved from a near-fatal motor vehicle accident in 1977 and acquired her last graph single the next year; she continuing to tour and perform and made an appearance in a number of stage musicals through the past due ’80s. Through the ’90s, Seely dabbled in performing and didn’t spend enough time in the studio room. She came back to music in 2003 with Life’s Highway and took another expanded break before launching Vintage Nation, a assortment of traditional addresses, in 2011. Following a six-year break, Seely returned in January 2017 using the all-original Written in Tune.

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