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Jean Tapissier

Jean (or Johannes) Tapissier — whose true name was Jean de Noyers — was a France poet and composer who worked in the Burgundian courtroom of Philip the Daring, and served being a transitional amount between middle ages and renaissance designs. The earliest reference to Tapissier displays him in the retinue of Philip from 1391, and through about 1400 Tapissier journeyed where Philip proceeded to go; to Avignon — where Gustave Reese recommended he likely acquired connection with the ars subtilior — to Milan, and lastly to Flanders. Afterward, Tapissier founded a performing college in Paris where he educated choirboys for the Burgundian courtroom. Philip the Daring passed away in 1404 and in 1408 Tapissier and his choir was summoned to Burgundy to sing for his successor, John the Fearless. John noticed them again afterwards that calendar year and compensated them handsomely for the performance from the divine provider. Tapissier is proven to possess passed away by August 1410, and if the estimation of his birthdate can be correct he’d have been no more than 40 years older. Jean Tapissier is known by three functions, all in three voices: a Sanctus, a Credo, as well as the isorhythmic motet Eya dulcis adque vernans rosa/Vale placems peroratrix, which decries the fantastic Schism and could have been designed for the courtroom at Avignon. Further compositions of Tapissier might have been maintained, actually among the Avignon repertory in Codex Chantilly; but if therefore just anonymously. The extant functions ascribed to him had been highly appreciated by his contemporaries, nevertheless; his Credo includes a Gloria that complements it made up by Thomas Fabri, and a Gloria by Baude Cordier also might connect to that same function. The treatise Règles de la seconde rhétorique (ca. 1400) attests to Tapissier’s popularity, and Martin le Franc’s epic poem — written some 30 years after Tapissier died — information of Tapissier, Johannes Carmen, and Johannes Césaris that “not way back when, they sang therefore well that they astonished most of Paris.”

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