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Jean Richafort

Composer Jean Richafort appears to have been given birth to in the Hainaut province of what’s now Belgium. Down the road, he required his clerical purchases near Liège. By Dec 1507, he previously been called maistre de chant in the collegiate chapel of St. Rombout, Mechelen. While he was maistre, two of Richafort’s brothers, Guillaume and François, had been members from the choir. For another a decade after his departure, sometime around August 21, 1509, when Noel Bauldeweyn stepped directly into succeed him, he’s somewhat dropped to view. No court public records consist of his name throughout that period, but his motet Cosolator captivorum shows that he’d constructed some solid ties using the French courtroom by then. The written text can be an entreaty to St. Louis to make use of his influence to greatly help reinforce Louis XII’s guideline. In 1512, supplications had been for benefices with respect to three musicians, among whom was Richafort. Because the various other two, Gilles Charpentier and Jean Nolin, are recognized to have been around in the program of Anne of Britany at that time, the assumption is that Richafort was aswell. A dispensation created on January 30, 1516, in Bologna stated he received the stated benefices. For the reason that document, he’s known as the “rector from the parish chapel of Details in the dioces of Nantes” so that as a vocalist in the chapel of François I. The Pope’s visitation to François’ courtroom in 1515 – 1516 was a windfall for several music artists there, including Richafort, who have been granted dispensations that allowed them to carry incompatible benefices. Richafort appears to have been present as an associate from the French royal in Rome during Pope Leo’s election, in 1513; presumably, it had been after that that Richafort impressed the Pope along with his capabilities. Richafort slips below the radar between your many years of 1516 – 1542. No obtainable source consists of his name until July 1542, of which period he been successful Jean Claes as the maistre de chapelle in the cathedral of St. Gilles, in Bruges. In 1548, Richafort’s placement at St. Gilles is definitely bought out by Jean Bart, and period his name disappears from all information. It is almost always assumed that he passed away in Bruges around that point. Richafort’s music displays the very solid impact of Josquin, and he’s generally grasped as one of these who continuing to explore the place exposed by the fantastic composer. A great deal of music survives by him, including chansons in lots of styles, motets, several sacred functions, and three public. Much like Josquin, Richafort’s motets will be the cornerstone of his accomplishment that greatest reveal his examined talents. His most well-known piece was most likely the motet Quem dicunt homines. It had been honored by many essential composers who decided to go with it as the foundation of parody public. Among they are Divitis, Mouton, Morales, and Palestrina. Two from the public on Quem dicunt homines, those of Divitis and Mouton, are historically very important to being among the 1st works to utilize the full-blown parody methods that could become essential in the sixteenth hundred years. A publication of Richafort’s motets was released in 1556 presumably after his loss of life, as the rest that survives continues to be culled from numerous manuscripts spread about the continent.

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