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Jean-Paul-Gilles Martini (aka J.P. Schwarzendorf)

Johann Paul Aegidius Martini was a prominent composer in the Classical period known primarily for his operas, tracks (chansons and romances), and sacred vocal functions. He has been instrumental in the establishment of many enhancements, among that have been the usage of obbligato key pad (rather than basso continuo) in tune accompaniments and growing the credit scoring in French armed forces music to six parts, as was the custom in Germany. Martini’s opera Henry IV also broke down obstacles: in the Comédie-Italienne custom its historically structured events, using a ruler as a primary personality, was a novelty because of its period, enabling various other composers to explore previously proscribed areas within their opera plots. While these enhancements might have been fairly minor, Martini do compose many works of long lasting influence: his opera L’amoureux de quinze ans (1771) was enormously well-known and still respectable, and his “Plaisir d’amour (Love du chevrier)” continues to be a popular tune, really his just work appearing frequently in recitals and on recordings. Johann Paul Aegidius Martini (originally Schwartzendorf) was created in the Bavarian town of Freistadt on August 31, 1741. His dad was a talented organist who offered as Johann’s initial teacher. From age group 10 Johann examined music on the Jesuit-run seminary in Neuburg, where he also offered as organist. Martini became organist on the Franciscan Convent in Freiburg in 1758, while their studies at the local school. Two years afterwards he journeyed to Nancy, France, transformed his surname to Martini, and begun to build his profession with the help of customers Stanislaus I (exiled Polish ruler) as well as the Marchioness of Desarmoises. In 1764 Martini journeyed to Paris where he set up cable connections with royalty and shortly gained broad reputation with functions like his 1774 opera Henry IV, created to tag Louis XVI’s accession towards the throne. Shortly he was appointed to many prestigious musical content, including director from the Théâtre de Feydeau (1789). Politics occasions threatened his protection for a while, but by 1795 he is at good position with the brand new federal government, assuming responsibilities as inspector from the Paris Conservatory from 1798-1802. He also offered within the faculty there as teacher of composition during this time period. Martini continued to be energetic in his old age, largely writing chapel music. Following the 1814 Repair of Louis XVIII in France, Martini was appointed Superintendant from the King’s Music. He passed away in Paris on Feb 10, 1816.

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