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Jean-Marc Montera

This French avant-garde guitarist is essential not only like a performer, collaborator, and bandleader but additionally due to his involvement since 1978 using the GRIM cooperative, which roughly means the Band of Search and Music Improvisation. Besides fostering a number of ensembles offering the noisy, occasionally lyrical stylings of Jean-Marc Montera, the business has offered both concerts and celebrations in Marseilles and helped produce the Montevideo location in that town, out which flourishes theatre and film activity in addition to music. This fits Montera good; his activity offers usually flowed through many press, his catalog of compositions including work with film and theatre. Montera performs single in addition to in varied ensemble settings, often coordinating licks with additional far-out guitarists. In 2006 he performed inside a acoustic guitar trio with fellow Frenchmen Noël Akchoté and Jean-François Pauvros. Acoustic guitar freaks may also have a look at his recordings with Loren MazzaCane Connors and Thurston Moore. Montera’s single work could be heard within the FMP label launch LOAF AROUND Shout and on Smiles from Jupiter, a superb CD released from the Germen Grob imprint.

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