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Jean-Henri d’Anglebert

Delivered in Paris, in 1635, Jean Henry Danglebert became the principle keyboard participant in the assistance of Louis XIV, sunlight Ruler, and laid the groundwork for most from the triumphant achievements of François Couperin in the first eighteenth hundred years. In 1689, Danglebert released the first reserve of his Pièces de clavecin. In his harpsichord music, he forges thick counterpoint and an accurate program of embellishments into a stylish, albeit relatively exceedingly intricate, idiom. Typically for the time, his harpsichord suites consist of unmeasured, quasi-improvisatory preludes and all sorts of dances. His celebrated Tombeau de Monsieur Chambonnières will pay homage to his forerunner at the courtroom, Jacques Champ de Chambonnières, the initial essential French exponent of single harpsichord performance. Many small organ parts by Danglebert may also be extant; these functions provide a pleasant glimpse in to the playing of the time. Danglebert passed away in 1691.

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