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Poitevin was his instructor at Cathedral of St Sauveur at Aix-en-Provence. (Poitevin also trained Campra and Blanchard.) Gilles been successful Poitevin as the get good at of music at Aix-en-Provence and afterwards appointed as the get good at of music on the Cathedral of St Etienne at Toulouse. In 1701 (because his popularity had pass on) he was provided the choral path at Notre Dames des Doms, Avignon. The positioning was temporarily loaded by Rameau but Gilles under no circumstances vacated his placement at Toulouse. The “Messe de Morts,” that was performed for the funerals of both Louis XV and Rameau, starts in the main element of F-dur through the Kyrie, and the rest is defined in G-mol. This framework follows the custom from the Gregorian modal type. Gilles compositions had been described with regards to deep orchestral pathos coupled with fugues caused treatment. Like Lalande, Gilles’ orchestras weren’t contingent upon the chorus which might also be a sign of Lalande’s impact. Gilles superbly combined polyphony with homophony, the second option working for emphasis.

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