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Jasper Carrott

b. Robert Davies, 14 March 1945, Birmingham, Britain. Comedian Carrott is definitely a fixture of United kingdom television in displays including Canned Carrott for the BBC. Nevertheless, his grounding in live entertainment emerged in the Midlands folk circuit, and several of his comic sketches included the prop of the acoustic guitar. A short flirtation with pop stardom emerged when he liked an improbable UK # 5 5 chart strike in August 1975 with ‘Funky Moped’ – a eulogy to his previous choice of transportation. Those bemused by its achievement included the BBC, though in reality its appeal place principally in the b-side, ‘Magic Roundabout’. This coarse but excruciatingly funny satire of the favorite children’s tv program of the time was what really place behind the solitary’s unlikely product sales profile. ‘Funky Moped’ continues to be Carrott’s just foray in to the charts up to now, though his humor albums, released through the entire 70s and 80s, before video became the dominating moderate for comics, also offered well.

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