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Jason Ajemian


Acoustic bassist Jason Ajemian is among the members from the underground music scene in Chicago, playing a number of innovative improvised, noise, and experimental musics located in rock and jazz. He’s a graduate from the William Patterson University in NJ, where he researched with bassist Rufus Reid and percussionist Kevin Norton. Arriving in Chicago in nov 2000, Ajemian embraced the after that burgeoning intensifying music community. Ajemian also vocalizes and utilizes consumer electronics. His dizzying amount of credits consist of use Rob Mazurek, the Exploding Superstar Orchestra, Dragons 1976, Place AROUND It, Delivered Heller, Matt Bauder, Ken Vandermark’s Turmoil Outfit, Who Cares JUST HOW LONG You Kitchen sink, Triage, Mandarin Film, the Chicago Underground Trio, and countless others.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jason Ajemian
Date Of Birth August 5, 1976
Music Songs Freedom Is a Trail of Tears, Ask Mr. Blount Now Suite, Punk the Blues, Orange Is the Color of the Sun, Then Blue Sky, Material Girls, Boundary Crashers, Ludicrous Dreams and Solar Guided Lovehandles,, Miss O, Manisia Lynn, Machine Gun Operator, 9 Car, Smokeless Heat, Your Shirts, With or Without the Universalator, Sackett's Harbor, U're the Guy, Cleopatra's Mood, Celestial Mechanics, Parks After Dark, Abilene, January Melody, Wake Up, Eurypterids, Dermatoglyphics, The Sun's in Your Face, Willoughby, Truth, Two Lucks, The, Dying, Art
Albums Folklords, Day In Pictures, Ancón, The Art of Dying

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