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The Japonize Elephants from Bloomington, IN, are made up of a ten-person group led from the Emperqq of Zerlock; the band’s eclectic audio borrows from bluegrass, folk, and jazz with a lot of cultural influences (including Much and Middle Eastern) and silly sound files. Their first Compact disc, Bob’s Bacon Barn, premiered by Key Canadian in Feb 1996; after showing up on many compilations, the Japonize Elephants released their follow-up Compact disc, Le Féte du Cloune-Pirate, in March 1998.

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Music Songs 40 Years of Our Family, Call the Zagorsky, End Times, the Theme from Bat Boy, The New Birthday Song, Flaming Assholes, The Ancient Mariner's Boat Show, Eye Wrote This, Poodie Poodie Gumskins, The Giant Value, Lord Crin Crin, La Vida Callejón Rápida, Whiskey Willie II, Swimming Upstairs, The Publisher's Clearing House Special, Sing Along With Mitch...marcus, This Zorlockian Anthem, Hi, I'm Mitch Marcus, Breusters, The Tinsel Town Toner Boys, Fiddle Three, An Evening With A. Thumbtack, Smashing Baby Heads, Bob's Bacon Barn Train #2, Mummy Boy Special, Fuck the Farmacia, Maggie's Revenge, Dingle Berries, Mélodie Fantastique, Bonus Tracks I & II, Chinese Hoedown, B.E.V. The Magic Robot, Bob's Bacon Barn
Albums 40 Years Of Our Family, Le Fete Du Cloune-Pirate, Bob's Bacon Barn, Mélodie Fantastique

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