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Feisty characters they are, traditional blues zealots have generally arrive at only 1 consensus concerning the name Jane Lucas: zero such person existed. The Songwriters Hall of Popularity, on the additional mojo hand, thought we would list Lucas alongside main blues performers Big Expenses Broonzy and Scrapper Blackwell as collaborators of Georgia Tom Dorsey, subject matter of the 1997 tribute from the business. The second option performers are furthermore referred to as “immortal” with this text. Regarding a Broonzy or Dorsey, that is hyperbole indicating that the good music they documented will live permanently. Regarding Lucas, an instance could be produced that an identification that exists just in writing — employed by as much as three different performers, probably even more — would really live forever, in a way. Whatever the summary, the Lucas conversation shows no indication of fading aside. A number of the songs relating to the Lucas pseudonym possess continued to be in regular blood circulation on well-known compilations of ribald blues in addition to sets specialized in prolific recording performers like the above mentioned Dorsey. A complete of four edges were lower with Dorsey associated with somebody pretending to end up being called Jane Lucas. Included in these are the amusing “What’s WHICH I Smell,” a uncommon blues coping with olfactory phenomena, and “Horrible Procedure Blues,” as amusing an strike in the medical career as Odd Al Yankovic’s very much afterwards parody “Such as a Cosmetic surgeon.” “Hip Shakin’ Strut” and “Hokum Stomp,” originally acknowledged towards the Hokum Guys and Lucas, feature the incomprehensible singer within an in any other case all-star trio with Dorsey and the fantastic guitarist Big Costs Broonzy. The Lucas name arises once again in the weary ditty entitled “I CANNOT Last Longer,” created and performed by Victoria Spivey, although released beneath the name of Jane Lucas & their state Road Four with Lovely Peas. Instead of being a aspect of vegetables, Lovely Peas was the stage name of Addie Spivey, sister of Victoria Spivey. Both sisters have already been credited with getting Jane Lucas, with the chances favoring the previous. Another traditional blues singer, called Mozelle Alderson, is certainly thought to possess recorded a number of the Lucas parts; Alderson can be regarded as behind the blues edges of Hannah Might and Kansas Town Kitty, probably several others aswell. Some blues supporters even think she actually is exactly the same person as Addie Spivey. The usage of pseudonyms gets to surrealistic proportions in regards to to Kansas Town Kitty, a documenting credit predicated on a favorite pamphlet explaining how exactly to bet the chances based on pictures recalled from dreams. Praising a duet with Dorsey entitled “HOW WILL YOU Possess the Blues?,” one article writer describes Kansas Town Kitty simply because “scorching stuff” also after admitting the name had been utilized by “…an in any other case anonymous blues singer…and my wager is solidly on Lucas.”

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