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Jan Ladislav Dussek

Jan Ladislav Dussek (Czech family members name Dusík) was the initial truly essential touring piano virtuoso and an extremely well-known composer, although his music rapidly fell into obscurity. It had been relatively revived in the past due nineteenth hundred years, and a century from then on was recognized because of its originality. Mainly for piano, it really is brilliant in place, with fast, thrilling figurations and various other elements designed to dazzle. He was among the initial to write particular pedaling guidelines into his ratings. His music anticipates many areas of afterwards Intimate piano composers, to a unexpected level. He was the boy of Jan Dussek (1738-1818), a well-known regional musician in Bohemia. He researched piano from age five, and started playing the body organ at nine. He also got a fine tone of voice, joining the youngster choir from the Minorite cathedral in Iglau (Jihlava). In 1778 he went to the College or university of Prague for just one term. He more often than not had employment as organist and produced public performances as pianist. An artillery official, Count Männer, got him on the concert tour in Germany. In 1780, he was piano instructor towards the stadtholder’s kids in The Hague. He fulfilled C.P.E. Bach in Hamburg, in 1782, and also require taught him for some time. Dussek pressed on east, playing before Empress Catherine II in 1783. He remaining Russia quickly, with gossips that he was implicated inside a storyline against the Empress, and discovered refuge in Lithuania as Prince Karl Radziwill’s Kapellmeister for another two years. Then toured Germany and France, playing cup harmonica aswell as piano, and once again making an enormous impression along with his virtuoso playing. Furthermore to having amazing finger fluency and power, Dussek could make a performing, legato firmness out of what’s essentially a percussion device. The trick was the complete study from the sustaining pedals from the piano, unparalleled at that time. He was the 1st pianist to carefully turn the piano in order that rather than facing the target audience across the lengthy axis from the device, he sat along with his correct profile presented towards the target audience, permitting the piano cover to be opened up to reveal and task the sound outward. He made an appearance prior to the French courtroom, playing for Marie Antoinette. Using the Trend, Dussek fled to London, anticipating that his aristocratic ties will be unpopular with the brand new routine. He spent 11 years in London, where he was praised by Haydn. He prompted the British piano-maker Broadwood to look at a longer key pad, six octaves wide. He wedded Sophia Corri, whose dad was a conductor originally from Naples. She was an achieved vocalist, pianist, and harp participant, and often made an appearance with her hubby. They had one young child, Olivia. Dussek and his father-in-law proceeded to go into business as music web publishers and failed spectacularly by 1799. Corri was tossed into jail, and Dussek fled the united states, departing wife and child behind. He resumed his Western concert profession and in Oct 1804, was appointed Kapellmeister by Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, who adored music a lot, he required his music artists with him towards the battlefields. Crazy stories of the visits were informed by Ludwig Spohr, the violinist and composer, who was simply also along. Dussek published his well-known piano sonata, Unégie harmonique, Op. 61, following the Prince was wiped out in fight. In Sept 1807, Dussek recognized a position using the French minister Talleyrand and continued to be in that work until death. Modern accounts claim that his forces were by no means diminished before final a few months of his lifestyle, when he was bedridden, experiencing gout and various other ailments, including extreme drinking and severe obesity.

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