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Jan Dismas Zelenka

A forward thinking Baroque composer whose popularity was steadily increasing through the anything-goes many years of the waning twentieth hundred years, Jan Dismas Zelenka was created in Lounovice, Bohemia (today area of the Czech Republic). He was a courtroom musician in Dresden for some of his profession, and both J.S. Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann understood and respected his music. Aside from brief intervals of travel, where he enhanced his build (he had taken lessons from Fux and Lotti also after his very own technique have been perfected), he offered being a dual bass participant in the courtroom orchestra and afterwards aided the ailing courtroom music movie director Heinichen in his responsibilities. Upon Heinichen’s loss of life, the positioning was awarded to some other musician, which significantly disappointed Zelenka, who sensed that his achievements being a composer was not recognized. He passed away in Dresden, on Dec 22, 1745. Zelenka was most widely known, in his very own time such as ours, for his harmonic and powerful daring. An indefatigable experimentalist, he pressed the often typical harmonic language from the Baroque to its limitations, often using chromaticism generally and unresolved stores of suspensions specifically. Zelenka’s powerful markings, quite uncommon for the Baroque, think of a author of the Intimate era. It really is to his credit the fact that unusual gadgets he employed had been woven right into a composition’s simple concept, rather than treated as simple tips. Zelenka was also known for his pioneering usage of Czech folk rhythms, anticipating Haydn’s usage of central Western european folk music by half of a hundred years. A lot of his enhancements come in his trio sonatas and various other instrumental functions (among which bears the witty — and enigmatic — name of “Hipocondrie ? 7”). It will mentioned that Zelenka also published significant amounts of choral music of a far more conventional personality, including some in the stile antico — the stringent polyphonic design of the Renaissance.

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