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James Vincent

b. Adam Vincent Dondelinger, 1943, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Elevated on Chicago’s South Aspect, for decades the house of contemporary metropolitan blues, Vincent used the guitar young. Undoubtedly, he drew motivation through the blues but additionally from different musical forms including jazz, fusion and salsa. Guitarists whom he emulated had been similarly varied, included in this B.B. Ruler, Johnny Smith and Chet Atkins. Within the middle-60s, he started playing in regional night clubs and was noticed and hired by way of a extremely popular Chicago music group, the Exceptions. In 1968, furthermore to playing membership engagements, Vincent created as a studio room musician performing support tracks for most from the performers agreed upon to Chess Information. In the meantime, he was also evolving his aspirations being a songwriter and composer. When a chance arose in 1969 to become listed on the rock-band, H.P. Lovecraft, Vincent shifted to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. There, he also fulfilled and caused Jerry Garcia, and was specifically impressed by John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra whose fusion design prompted him in fresh directions. A documenting contract released him on the solo profession but he continuing to utilize other performers on their information. All this held him very occupied, so much in order that he rejected an offer to become listed on Earth, Blowing wind And Fire. One of the rings and individual performers with whom he proved helpful during this time period had been Rufus, Azteca, Santana, Etta Adam and Gregg Allman. The actual fact that Vincent hasn’t been content material to end up being pigeonholed, allied to his liking for most musical genres could be charted over time of his recordings, shifting from the comparative simplicities of early rock and roll displayed in the 1971 documenting Culmination, through cool R&B fusion within the middle-70s, to some late 70s type of a similar thing but with lyrics that highlighted Vincent’s intervening spiritual conversion. The effect, 1978’s LOOKING FORWARD TO The Rain, using its mixture of secular and sacred music, was broadly praised and marketed well. By the beginning of the 80s, through his lyrics, Vincent’s music spoke even more overtly of his Christianity but, musically, it continuing to display a good jazz and blues experience. It was as a result quite not the same as the ever more popular pop rock and roll style of spiritual music. Within the middle-80s, he slipped away from music and became a lumberjack in north California but ultimately returned towards the scene following a 12-season absence with a 17-season distance between albums. That go back to the documenting studio room, Second Wind, is certainly even more overtly jazz rock and roll fusion and generally eschews lyrics towards effective instrumentals. Despite, or simply due to, his split profession, Vincent’s music maintains curiosity and is generally rewarding because of its early unpretentiousness and its own latter-day subtleties.

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