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James Powell

Even though many musicians will probably declare that they might have been famous, here’s one who might have been Fame itself. Some performers who’ve undergone name adjustments also utilize the stage surname for his or her children; had Uk blues keyboardist and vocalist Georgie Popularity done that, Wayne Powell could have been “Wayne Popularity” and his sibling Tristan Powell could have been “Tristan Popularity.” The Popularity name was originally concocted in the first ’60s by rock and roll & roll supervisor Larry Parnes, who generally altered the titles of most his clients, completely believing how the music business got room for such normalcy as the name Clive Powell. Both sons have already been involved with musical projects using the latter artist, presumably phoning him something similar to “Father” instead of “Georgie” or “Clive.” Drummer Wayne Powell and guitarist Tristan Powell been employed by with their dad in his Georgie Popularity Trio because the ’90s, showing up on several outstanding choices, including Three Range Whip and Strolling Wounded.

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