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James Fernanders

Most sectors have their key specialists of 1 kind or another — stunt motorists, body doubles, fluff young ladies, high-explosive guys and all-night watchdogs included in this. Adam Fernanders was a so-called high-note guy, hired by documenting session producers to supply whatever soprano punch the real associates of a specific group were not capable of blending up. There could be no chance of ever identifying just specifically which doo wop information in the ’50s he sang on, the reason why for the dilemma as much as the flamboyantly-named combos in the genre. Comprehensive details weren’t always observed in the logs of companies or the backs of tape containers. The managers from the groupings themselves, like the industrious Hiram Johnson, didn’t prefer to advertise the current presence of a high-note guy. Furthermore, the annals from the doo wop groupings themselves seems more difficult than the mixed plot of the tv screen series Dallas as well as the Yugoslavian civil battle from the ’80s. One group that Fernanders continues to be confirmed as dealing with on the documenting entitled “Easy Baby” was known as the Scale-Tones. While “Easy Baby” displayed another strike for maker Joe Davis, the people from the Scale-Tones in fact continued to greater popularity after changing the group’s name towards the Dubs. A number of the people, that’s — others continued to other organizations like the Vocal Shades or the Bop Chords, just like the Scale-Tones got congregated out of another Harlem-based group, the Five Wings. The crucial thing that the a large number of young men performing in these organizations had in keeping was their obvious inability going to the same records that Fernanders could. Davis produced steady usage of the high-note guy — who was simply sometimes recognised incorrectly as a lady by listeners — through the period when the maker was licensing his freelance tempo and blues edges towards the MGM label.

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