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James Chance

Among the central statistics from the Zero Influx movement from the later ’70s, Adam Possibility & the Contortions formed in NEW YORK in 1977. These were led by vocalist/saxophonist Possibility, a Milwaukee indigenous (born Adam Sigfried) who also responded to towards the alias Adam Light. After relocating to ny to try out free of charge jazz, he dropped in using the city’s avant-garde community; upon implementing the surname Possibility and obtaining a closet of outrageously noisy suits, Possibility produced the Contortions, an abrasively chaotic funk-noise clothing offering organist Adele Bertei, guitarists Pat Place and Jody Harris, and drummer Don Christiansen. After earning acclaim and notoriety because of their wild, frequently combative concert events (the intense, nihilistic Possibility often selected fistfights with market associates), the Contortions inserted the studio room with manufacturer Brian Eno to record four monitors for the No NY compilation. After reducing enough materials for an LP, 1979’s Choose the Contortions, the group crashed combined with the No Influx scene; as Adam White, Possibility shortly resurfaced fronting the Blacks, a bizarre disco clothing comprised of a lot of the Contortions alumni, albeit using the significant exemption of Bertei, and released Off Light. In 1982, the respectable Sax Maniac record premiered on Chris Stein’s short-lived Pet label. However, the label vanished quickly acquiring the album alongside it. Possibility recorded his last studio task Flaming Demonics in 1983, once again for ZE, beneath the Adam White moniker. Possibility seemed to possess vanished within the next 10 years, but sometimes his first albums or live recordings would surface area, and then quickly vanish. In 2003, the tiny indie label Tiger Style reissued all of the official material Possibility/White recorded, plus a few ultra-rare monitors, in the three-disc established Amazing Impulse. The reissue coincided with Chance’s go back to playing live once again, albeit sporadically. The next season, Tiger Style released a two disc compilation, Sax Education, formulated with his “ideal strikes” with another disc of the previously unreleased live show for Radio Holland from 1981.

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