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Jali Musa Jawara


The half-brother of influential kora player Mory Kante as well as the cousin of guitarist Kante Manfila, Jali Musa Jawara (now referred to as Djeli Moussa Diawara) has expanded upon his family’s music legacy. A previous person in his brother’s music group, Jawara has proven his very own music eyesight with many groundbreaking albums. As the traditional music of Western Africa remains the building blocks of his audio, Jawara has progressively incorporated components of digital music, pop, jazz and hiphop. Jawara’s debut recording, Flamenkora, recorded single on kora, acoustic guitar, percussion and vocals, was a display of his varied abilities. Jawara’s masterpiece continues to be his 1983 recording, Fote Mogobon. Ranked A- in Robert Christgau’s Customer Guide, the recording was praised by music historian Charlie Gillett as having “accomplished the status of the traditional”. The recording has been consequently re-issued as Yaismika around the Hannibal label and Immediate From Western Africa on the run! Disk label. A Local of Mali, Jawara resides in Abidjian, where his music is usually less at the mercy of governmental censorship.

Quick Facts

Profession Songwriter
Siblings Mory Kanté
Music Groups Kora Jazz Trio
Music Songs Yekeke, Fote Mogoban, Flamenkora, Almany, Haidara, Yasimika, Sobindo, Wouya Wouya, Maloyan Devil, Salsa-Cora, Kawa Manyi, Gbansa Fou, Ye Kasi La Mouna, Fatim, Djarabi, Dya Nan Ko, Voyage Dans Le Desert, Se Baya, Bala Djan, Sabary, Sabou, Kana Mone, Dakan, Dakon, M'Dianamo, Nkaminyo Yelena Ma, Bitele, Guinea Malga, Soubindoor, Sabari, Miriya, Makoura
Albums Ocean Blues, Yasimika, Yékéké (Paris 2010), Direct From West Africa, Mvetkora, Soubindoor, Sobindo, FlamenKora, Djeli Moussa Diawara

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