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A collaborative work recorded on the span of 3 years, Jahcoozi’s debut album, Pure Breed of dog Mongrel, premiered around the Kitty-Yo imprint in 2006. Blitz n Ass found its way to 2007 with Barefoot Wanderer pursuing this year 2010.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jahcoozi
Music Songs Chill Jill, Barefoot Dub, Watching You, Lost in the Bass, Ali McBills, Shake the Doom, Powerdown Blackout, Takin' Your Street, Msoto Millions, Zoom in Fantasize, The Bouncer Who Turned Good, Namedropper, Changing Time, Homeboy's Blender, Black Barbie, Close to Me, Rainbow Coloured Rizzla, Read the Books, Double Barrel Name, Jimmy's Dad, Asian Bride Magazine, Speckles Shine, Getyoshitout, Arto's Bubbles In The Bathtub Shake, Hands in Your Pockets, Ghostbuster Generation, Cassyremix, Heal the World, Gameboy, JahC / DC, He Who Is Well Dressed, Flatline feat. RQM
Albums Barefoot Wanderer, Pure Breed Mongrel, Blitz 'n' Ass, Barbed Wire, BLN 4 JPN, Barefoot Wanderer Remixes, Pt. 1, Black Barbie, Nearly Naked: Barefoot Wanderer Remixes, Barefoot Wanderer Remixes, Pt. 2

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