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Merging the musical traditions of Brittany with jazz-inspired improvisation, virtuosic guitarist Jacques Pellen has taken a jazz sensibility towards the music of his homeland. On his debut record, Celtic Procession, released in 1996, Pellen was associated with top-notch Breton jazz music artists, including Gildas Bocle, Eric Barrett, Peter Gritz, Kenny Wheeler, as well as the Molard brothers –- Jacky and Patrick. Documented during a functionality on the Tombees De La Nuit celebration in Rennes, his second record, Todas las Tombees De La Nuit: Celtic Ownership, featured an assortment of jazz music artists who performed on his previously documenting and folk music artists including Dan Ar Bras. Pekkari documented a trio record, Pellen/Marchand/Fresu, with vocalist and clarinet participant Erik Marchand and trumpet and bugle participant Paolo Fresu.

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Music Songs Morenn, Sorserez, Naer Vor, Letani, Feunteun Wenn, Maro Song, Anna jaouen, En attendant la prophétie, Sir James Mac Donald of the Isles' Lament, Breizh positive - Ankouad A Garfen, Lament for the Children, Ribin, An derez, Spered holvedell, An heol teuzet, Melezour / Dour, Sûrement, Lenn, Shh..., YFK, Al Lemmer / Dans Tro Ar Raog Ar Bed All, Hungry Hill, To Rory, Orgies nocturnes, Tremen, Béa's House, Celtic tale #1, Deit hui genein, Ollollé, Sonerion bleimor, Maen Kuzh, Liors Ar Leur / Ar Serjant Major
Albums Celtic Procession, Lament for the Children, Quiet Place, Sorserez, Les Tombées de la nuit - A Celtic Procession Live, Ephéméra, Triptyque, Les tombées de la nuit (A Celtic Procession Live at Rennes 1999), Offshore

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