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Jacques-Christophe Naudot

There is nothing presently known about the first life of the France flutist. His initial magazines for the device had been released in 1726 and he’s known to have already been a instructor not only from the flute but also from the hurdy-gurdy as well as the musette. In the dedications ascribed in his functions his students had been among the aristocracy as well as the bourgeoisie. Though Naudot constructed functions for the musette as well as the hurdy-gurdy aswell as some short functions for hunting horns plus some vocal items, his most significant compositions had been concertos for the flute. Opus 11 of Naudot’s functions were only the next group of flute concertos to become printed in European countries; appropriately, Naudot helped to build up the flute like a single concert instrument also to develop the books for the device aswell. Advanced flute methods were necessary to play the concertos and sonatas as Naudot’s stylings contacted the galant. His shorter functions, duets and trios, had been much more available to the novice musician and had been reprinted on a variety of occasions.

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