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Jacobus Vaet

Composer Jacobus Vaet is first mentioned for the rolls of the chapel in Kotrijk in 1543; he’s identified as becoming 13 years of age and accepted like a young man chorister. 3 years later on, his tone of voice broke, but he could transfer towards the University or college of Leuven having a scholarship or grant. By 1553, Vaet is within the support of Archduke Maximilian of Austria as kapellmeister and centered out of Vienna. In 1564, the Archduke been successful his father in to the part of Holy Roman Emperor as Maximilian II, putting Vaet in an exceedingly powerful cultural placement. Nevertheless, he’d not appreciate it lengthy, as Vaet passed away in early 1567 at about age 37. His loss of life was noted broadly among courtroom poets and composers throughout European countries, and even from the Emperor himself in his personal journal, as Vaet hadn’t just led the music in Emperor Maximilian’s courtroom, but also was a respected and respected friend. Vaet was also among the final era of composers owned by the so-called “Franco-Flemish College” of polyphonic music that started with Dufay. Vaet was an expert in the world from the parody mass. He’s credited in a few resources with inventing the Missa quodlibetica, an constructed mass placing that combined a number of pre-existing melodies right into a one texture. His resources for melodies included his very own melodies furthermore to numerous of his most well-known contemporaries. Vaet was good friends with composer Orlandus Lassus, and both composers appear to possess influenced one another; at onetime Lassus’ Missa “Si me tenez” was believed the task of Vaet. Vaet also was an excellent admirer of Jacob Clemens non Papa and Vaet’s memorial to him, Continuo lachrimas, provides mostly of the clues from what might have been an unnatural end to Clemens. Sadly, Vaet’s extant worklist is certainly nowhere near as intensive as that for Clemens and Lassus; simply nine mass configurations, two books of motets along with some dispersed individual ones, configurations from the Salve and Magnificat, nine hymns, and three secular tracks.

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