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Jacob van Eyck

Jacob vehicle Eyck was a blind Dutch carillonist, recorder participant, and composer. Though he’s known today mainly for his assortment of recorder solos, Der Fluyten Lust-hof, his efforts to the artwork of carillon-making and playing had been substantial. Vehicle Eyck spent his early years at Heusden in southern Holland before becoming appointed carillonist in Utrecht in 1625, and got many pupils. He was the first ever to discover the hyperlink between your overtone framework and the form from the bell. Together with the popular bellfounders, the Hemony brothers, he exercised the measurements for the “genuine” bell, which spread throughout European countries and became the typical carillon bells. His theory continues to be utilized by bellfounders today. Vehicle Eyck’s bells possess a overtone series leading to the quality melancholy sound of the well-tuned carillon. Furthermore to his carillon responsibilities, the cathedral paid Vehicle Eyck yet another income to wander the lands of Utrecht cathedral and amuse the passers-by with tracks on his recorder. He (presumably as a result) became an experienced improviser on a style and three choices of his variants for descant recorder had been released: Euterpe and both elements of Der Fluyten Lust-hof (or “The Flute’s Pleasure-Garden”). Der Fluyten Lust-hof consists of 144 models of variants on a number of melodies well-known in Renaissance Holland. One of the better known may be the variant on Dowland’s Pavane Lacrymae. Although Vehicle Eyck had written them for novice musicians, the various sets commonly upsurge in specialized difficulty towards the finish. A few of them have become difficult indeed. That is among the largest Renaissance series of single recorder music. It really is particularly uncommon as the device used may be the much less well-known descant recorder as opposed to the more prevalent alto.

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