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Jabo Williams

St. Louis-based barrelhouse pianist Jabo Williams is well known just from the eight edges he slice in Paramount’s Grafton, WI studio room in-may 1932. This is towards the finish from the Paramount concern; Williams’ information had been circulated in low amounts and didn’t possess extremely wide distribution. The assumption that Williams was created in Pratt Town, AL is dependant on sources in his “Pratt Town Blues,” however the just thing certainly known about him beyond his recordings is certainly that he was described Paramount by Jesse Johnson, an archive store owner located in St. Louis. Identification from the singularity of his playing among enthusiasts was observed early; in the ’40s and early ’50s a few of his monitors were re-released in the American Music, Steiner-Davis, and Jazz Details labels, all problems directed at enthusiasts. However this identification apparently didn’t come early more than enough for Jabo Williams himself to become rediscovered, as well as for his accurate first name to become known.

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