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J. Mayo Williams

b. 1894, Monmouth, Illinois, USA, d. 2 January 1980, Chicago, Illinois, USA. A university graduate, Williams was nicknamed ‘Printer ink’ by music artists; he was the very first, and in his period the most effective, black executive in america record sector. In 1924, he became a member of Paramount, which he produced possibly the most effective of most ‘competition’ labels with regards to both quality and level of result, documenting Blind Lemon Jefferson, Papa Charlie Jackson and Ma Rainey, amongst others. Williams was cautious to learn what black buyers wished; when replies to advertise research indicated frustrating demand for blues, he empty his own choice for famous brands Paul Robeson. In 1927, Williams resigned to discovered the short-lived Dark Patti label, shifting instantly to Vocalion Information, to whom he brought Georgia Tom, Tampa Crimson and Jim Jackson. In 1934, he became in charge of dark A&R at Decca Information, documenting Mahalia Jackson’s debut edges. After World Battle II, Williams controlled some small labels, which experienced undercapitalization along with a loss of contact by Williams (as could be noticed on Muddy Waters’ initial commercial documenting). As an professional, his income originated from a talk about of posting royalties and from cushioning his expenditure accounts; he stated: ‘I was much better than 50% honest, and in this business that’s quite good’.

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